Exhibitors Registration


Unit Standard built up stall measures 6sq.m and stall area may be booked in multiple of this unit. Few stalls of 8 sqm (4 No's) and 4 sqm (12 No's) are also available. Stalls are available on first come first serve basis.



Built up stall are available @Rs.6000/US $ 175per sqm stall area, Raw Space is available @Rs.5500/US $ 150per sqm , Extra Power (For 3 days max.10 Hrs per day) is available @Rs. 500/- KW/US$ 10/- KW& Air Compressor (For 3 days max. 10 Hrs per day including cost of Electricity Consumption) is available @Rs. 2000/- HP/US$ 40/- HP. + 18% GST.

10% discount is applicable to IIA Members (Only for existing members and not for fresh enrolments at the time of booking).

Early bird Discount @ 10% of Space Charges for booking before 31st July 2022.

Payment of Rs for Booking Stall (s) vide NEFT/UTR/DD/Cheque No dated is deposited in Punjab National Bank, Gomti Nagar Branch, Lucknow-226010, India. Account No. 3926002105000804; RTGS/NEFT IFS Code: PUNB0392600..

General Terms And Conditions For Exhibition

  1. In these conditions the term ‘Exhibitor’ means the signatory company which includes all employees, agents and representatives, and the term ‘Organizer’ means INDIAN INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION.
  2. Stall allotments are based on first come first basis & organizer reserves rights to accept or reject the application form without assigning any reason thereof.
  3. Exhibitors will be provided 1 Octanorm Table, 2 Chairs, 1 5Amp PowerPoint, 1 Dustbin in every 6 sq.m. / 9 sq.m.build-up stalls free of cost for bigger stalls these items will be provided in the ratio of the multiple of size for extra requirement of furniture exhibitors will be required to pay extra charges as will be decided by the organizer. However one week prier intimation for such requirements is essential.
  4. When payments for space are not made on due date any previous payments made may be forfeited and space reallocated. Any loss incurred by the organizer due to such failure to pay will be reimbursed by the Exhibitor.
  5. The Organizer shall have full power to determine in every respect the space allocation and position and shall be entitled to vary general lay out situation of any area of any particular stand for any reason which in its sole opinion is in the general interest of the exhibition.
  6. The Exhibitor may not assign, sublet or grant licence in respect of any part of the space allotted to it nor may advertise for firms other than the exhibitor. The exhibitor should sell only products / services which are mentioned in the application form.
  7. The Exhibitor will be totally responsible for the cost of restoring to its original condition any part of structure occupied by it, which has been altered or damaged in any way.
  8. The Organizer shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor or any other person caused by theft, Fire defect in the Exhibition hall, Storm lightning, National emergency, Civil unrest, War, Labour disputes, act of God, force or any loss or damage sustained in the event of holding or opening of the exhibition is postponed or abandoned.
  9. In no event shall the exhibitor have any claim for damage of any kind against the organizer in respect of any loss or damage as a result of postponement or abandonment of the exhibition by clause (8) above or otherwise or for any other cause.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right to alter, add or amend any of these conditions and the decision of the organizer shall be final.
  11. Exhibitors are required to notify their agents, representatives and employees of these conditions. It is condition of participation that the exhibitor indemnifies the organizer against any legal proceeding which may arise from any death, injury or accident caused by articles exhibited by them including his stand and its furnishing or by the exhibitors his agents, representatives or employees. Neither the exhibitor nor the agents, representatives or employees have any claims for damages against the organizer, either for personal injury or for damage to any exhibit arising from negligence or default of any person or from any other cause.
  12. Every exhibitor has to take out insurance compulsorily at his own cost to protect himself against all risks.
  13. Exhibitors who want to effect sales of their product should obtain the necessary tax registration / permission from competent authorities.
  14. In case of and dispute this MOU shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes or differences arising between the Parties as to the effect, validity or interpretation of this MOU or as to the rights, duties or liabilities shall be resolved amicably between the Parties to MOU, failing which, such disputes shall be referred to the courts of appropriate jurisdiction, subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Lucknow Court.